Solarice Wellness Spas


With two locations in Whistler BC to choose from, Solarice Wellness Spas transform the traditional spa experience by delivering a truly integrated approach to health and wellness.

Spend a day at Solarice Wellness Spa in Whistler and enjoy a range of spa or wellness therapies including; massage therapy, bodywork, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, facials, bodywraps, yoga, pilates, psychotherapy, nutritional counseling & personal training. Blending Western science with ancient Eastern therapies, treatments are delivered by a team of professional and experienced therapists who are dedicated to helping guests on their journey toward inner and outer well-being.
Guests can chose between pampering spa options or an intensive holistic program to treat various concerns and maladies.

We provide an array of carefully designed treatment packages including our signature "Detoxify & Rejuvenate" package or we can customize an integrative treatment program to meet your needs. Whether you seek to heal from stress related illness or you want to indulge in pure relaxation, Solarice is committed to your journey to wellness and well-being.

  • Location: 4-4308 Main Street, Whistler, BC, Canada V0N 1B4
  • Phone: 604-966-0888
  • Distance To Village: 0.0 kms
  • Website: http://www.solarice.com/
Solarice Wellness Spas
Solarice Wellness Spas
Solarice Wellness Spas
Solarice Wellness Spas
Solarice Wellness Spas
Solarice Wellness Spas


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